We would like to share some beautiful movements which are unforgettable,Places like haven and Our tourist amazing people.
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Tips that we feel our dear companins must know to insure that they trully enjoy the Tour and trully feel the clutirel and beauty.

Hindukush Top's Adventure Present

Cultural Tour, Festivals Tour, Trekking, Arts Tour, Jeep Safari, Horse Riding, Trout Fishing, Home made Food, Home Based Guest Houses, Private Home Stays, Internet Service in remote areas, Khow Cultural Food, Kalasha local food, Kate Food (nuristanis), Snow Golf tour, Buz Kashi (goat snatching), A Day with local artisans, Traditional Music, Day hiking, Waterfall trekking Valley long trail walk 2 Days easy trek to Zinor glacier only for youths.

Tribes & Trekking

Trekking Tribes lead a way to know the unknown culture, values and most of the time finding some lovely people.



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