About Us

Hindukush Tops Adventure is private tour company working on tourism in Hindu Kush, Kalasha, Chitral, Valleys, Northern areas & beyond. The company made by the person who born in Small village of Bumburate Valley (Kalasha). Hindukush Tops Adventure has extremely long time experienced Guides and tour operators from 1974 till now. The story start from The Royal Hotel, Kandisar village Bumburate valley (Kalasha) then Taj Mahal Hotel Bron village Bumburate Valley (Kalasha) and finally it turn to the Happy Guest House & family Camping place, after long time worked on tourism we had decide to made Hindukush Tops Adventure Company to store memories from different corner of the world and to provide the best service to the travelers.
Our niche is our pool of expert/professional who are there to serve the clients with maximum knowledge and quality services. This avenue will also give us the opportunity to use our experiences of event management, client connection/dealing and building long-term relationships.

Why Hindukushtop's Adventure Pakistan

Our clients know we love solving their travel program problems. But we’ve got a bigger vision. The world has overwhelming problems. We want HTAP Travel to be part of the solution. Our purpose as a world-leading company goes beyond profits and great service. We’re combining the energy of our business with the power of our client and supplier relationships to create a team of companies working together to do far more than anything we could do on our own. For the common good. And for greater social impact. To power our customers’ success by making the most of their travel investment, keeping travelers safe and enhancing the traveler experience.