Garam Chashma: (Hot Spring) Garam means Hot Chashma means spring is at the distance of almost 2 hours, 45 km away from Chitral town and could be approached by jeeps, car, place is known for Hot Spring attracting tourism. It is located in the Northwest. Besides tourists, people suffering from skin diseases also visit the spring for treatment.

Overnight stay at the valley could be one of the most amazing experiences while enjoying the serenity and peacefulness of the area, especially the beauty of the mountains and landscape may enchanter you, This village in a largely Ismailis area some lovely walks in the area, but as it butts up against the Afghan border the local police will expect you to register your presence on arrival. There’s also Chitral’s best-known trout reach on the Lutkho River heading into Garam Chashma licenses are available from the fisheries warden on the outskirts of the village.
Spring:The spring water emerges from underground sulphur deposits making its temperature to rise above boiling point. For the same reason the spring is also known as Sulphur Spring…

Kalasha Hot Spring: The Achugah valley is the shepherds settlement in Kalasha have Hot Spring right on the way to Kundiyak.. Also the way to (Thouq Ouch) the Soda water…. the local use this water for treatment.

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