Kalasha valleys  Facts

The Kalasha do not live separately from Muslims, but integrated within the community. The Kalasha follow certain traditions and rituals which are distinct from those of Muslims, and may require specific observations and etiquette. Please inquire beforehand about local traditions and sensitivities, and follow trusted advice. The Kalasha are a welcoming people, but restrict some aspects of faith and tradition to the Kalasha only.

Chief Location:       Hindukush Chitral P O Ayun Bumburate Valley (kalasha) 36 km from Chital town

Nearest town:          Ayun, Chital, Drosh, Broz

Public transport:     Transposition is quite good for kalasha valleys There is several  types of jeeps small Motors, 4 x 4 Pickups doing  daily services  to Chital & Ayun & in the evening turning to the valleys.

Nearest Valleys:     Rumboor, Acholga, Birir, Ayun,

Main settlements:   Daras Guru, Anish, Brun, Batrik, Kandisar, Krakal, Shakhanan Dah, Grum, Kalash gram, Balanguru, Gurul, Gambrat gol, Gree, Bhiar.

Accommodation:   A verity of Hotels and guest houses including PTDC, some good standard hotels and home based guest houses, Cottages a waiting… basic meals can be prepared in the guesthouses every hotels is offering foods, 3 local restaurants is also offering foods.  

Population:           About 1800 households, including three valleys about 9000 peoples

Indigenous languages: Khowar, Kalasha, Kate Viri, Gugur war

Indigenous wildlife: Snow leopard, Markhor, Hindukush ibex, Wild sheep, red fox, Wolf, Jackals  Hindukush snow cock, pigeon, rock partridge, bear, wild chi, Golden fezant, wild chicken, Etc.

Common plant:   Diayr, (Pin tree), ever green Shahbalod, Walnut tree species juniper, poplar, wild roses,

Health:                  BHU Basic Health Unite Bumburate Kandisar village, Dispensary Rumboor village Grum, Dispensary Birir Village Gurur.

Art & Crafts: Bracelets, Necklaces, Kalasha Cupes, Shushut, Chihari, Muffler,Phakol (Chitrali Caps), Bow, Kiwa, Nushta, Bizi, Small shops were run by Kalashi women’s at Anish, Brun, Krakal, Wali Khan local wood carving  art work at Rumboor.

Trade: Walnut, Pine nuts, Red bin, Mashrooms, Wood, Apple, Pears.

Networks: PTCL, Vfone, Telenor

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