Trekking in Ghizer Valley

The Three Passes of Boroghil

Once a vital arranging post on the Silk Road and later a battalion for British troops, Chitral has a long and to a great degree vivid history. Today, this flourishing regional capital is striking as the starting point for exploration of the uncommonly-visited Hindu Kush and Hindu Raj ranges, which are a trekker’s enjoyment with the scenes of upland, untouched villages/valleys, lakes and rough snow-topped peaks. Boroghil excursion can genuinely be considered as one of the overwhelming treks, taking after great trails over the Shah Jinali Pass and afterward the Karumbar Pass (4300m.) to the Ishkuman valley, close against the Afghan border. As an amazing finale, our path then crosses the Chilinji Pass (5290m.) into northern of Hunza. This is a simply memorable experience of Pakistan’s mountainous northwest.

The Darkot Pass

Lying near Pakistan’s fringe with Afghanistan and shaping a characteristic separation between the Hindu Kush and Hindu Raj ranges, the Yarkhun Valley is accessible to visitors, since 1990’s. From the historically fascinating garrison of Chitral, we will follow this impressive valley, the Boroghil Pass. Our path then swings eastwards to cross the snow-secured, yet direct Darkot and Ishkuman passes before coming to Gilgit and Hunza Valley. From each of these high passes, there are glorious perspectives towards the mountains of the central Karakoram. Offering a diversity of unspoiled landscape and a cultural mix, this is exploratory travel at its best, where the people we meet are as curious about us as we are about them.