Trekking in Hunza & Nagar Valley

Batura Glacier Trek

This trek is particularly suggested for the individuals who expect to do short wanders for one to five days.

It has assortments for those also who appreciate long treks of up to ten days. Be that as it may, a round outing beginning at Borit Lake and finishes up at Batura(close to Passu), is viewed as a recompensing walk. Most parts of this trek are simple with flowers and awesome summer pastures. The main troublesome part is glaciers. The all-encompassing perspectives of Batura (7785 meters), Passu (7284 meters) and Shishper Peak (7611 meters) is joyful. You will meet friendly Wakhi people, who are welcoming to tourists by their gesture and attitude.

Shimshal Minglek Sar Trek

A great trek on the northern edge of Karakoram –have the opportunity to see the unique Shimshali culture, living, norms ……an exceptional trek to experience!
East of Passu on the Karakoram Highway, the significantly excellent area of Shimshal, is home to one of the finest trekking in the Karakoram. Lying between the Karakoram Highway, the Chinese outskirt and the northern edge of the Karakoram Range, this is a tough and remote region including a few interconnecting valleys and 9 peaks above 7000 meters. Beginning from the enchanting Shimshal Village, which is itself 2 days’ walk. The trek can route up to Shuwert (4730 M) on the Shimshal Pass. On the way, the trekking group will be crossing few high passes and will reach Gujerab and Chapchangal valleys, reach the KKH near the Khunjerab Pass.

Rakaposhi & Deran Base Camp

Rakaposhi Peak 7788meters high above the sea level and is located in the Karakorum range.

This is one of the most beautiful and easy accessible as compare to other peaks in the Karakorum Range. This beautiful peak can be seen from all sides and surrounding valleys. At the junction of two glaciers, Diran peak provides a magnificent view of both peaks and glaciers. The green meadows and valleys around this mountain range offers an exciting adventure for those who are fond of nature.

Nanga Parbat & Hunza Valley Trek

You can enjoy the short trip of Fairy Meadows and Hunza Valley, the world’s ninth elevated peak and second most noteworthy in the Himalayan range of Pakistan. Outdoor camping under “the sleeping beauty” is just an amazing and unavoidable experience. As a first step of the journey, after driving from Islamabad to Chilas via Karakorum Highway, 4×4 jeep is required to the village ‘Tarashing’ and then make a short walk and camp there under the Nanga Parbat ….“The sleeping beauty”. The second part of the journey is based around the attractive old capital of Hunza i.e. Karimabad where our choice of day hikes and outings incorporates an astonishing variety of sights, for example, the Utar Icefall and the busy bazaar at Gilgit.

The trekking that we will embrace on these excursions is all on better trails. Strolling up to Fairy Meadows is extremely direct, yet the discretionary day hike up to Nanga Parbat base camp involves a day long trekking. Also, there is another long trekking day on our hike above Karimabad to the hills underneath Ultar. This is a perilous hike and will give the most difficult day’s stroll of the excursion. This is a steep hike and will provide a challenging day’s walk of the trip. Generally, however, this is not a sustained trek and we do have lots of time to rest and to enjoy the scenery between trekking days.

Round Nanga Parbat (8125 m) Trek

Nanga Parbat is 8125m high and stands out amongst the most beautiful mountains in the world. It has three fundamental countenances known as Diamer, Rupal, and Raikot, which are entirely different from each other in terms of shape and appearance. For Rupal Face, we need to begin from Gilgit/Chilas or KKH to Tarashing, a green snow-capped village at the head of the jeep track. It takes an additional two days to touch base at Rupal base camp. For Diamer base camp, the track is the most extensive as it needs three days to reach and the latter is Raikot, where we can go up to Raikot Bridge on KKH to change over to local jeeps for Jail, a little place in Tato Valley at the foot of Fairy Meadows.

Snow Lake & Biafo Hisper

An adventurous criss-cross from Baltistan into Nager/Hunza over Hispar La!
This route/trek was first investigated and mapped out in 1937 and 1939, is may be the most extended area of all. It is a zone of tremendous glaciers, remote passes and high mountains.
Length of Biafo Glacier is 68 kilometers in length with an aggregate range of 625 sq. km. Hispar Glacier is 52 Kilometers in length. It is just the Hispar pass, which isolates the Hisper and Biafo Glaciers. Here we have the chance to see Biantha Brak, (7284 m), Snow Lake peak and Simkiang glacier. From here we climb the Hispar La and camp on the summit, which gives us an all-encompassing nightfall and sunrise perspectives of the entire Biafo – Hispar.

Rush Lake Trek

For Rush Lake trek, you can drive through the highlighting Hunza valley along the Hunza River, which is 75 kilometer from Gilgit, will take us to the lavish green delightful Nagar valley. Camp at Hilton Inn Hopar at 3,384 m, in a wonderful village encompassed by snow-covered tops, which gives an awesome feeling. The general population of Hoper (Nagar) are benevolent and accommodating. “Rush Lake “, an excellent campground, on an elevation of 15000 feets with clear water in the lake, rich green patches and wild blooms.
The trekker may climb a peak making this campground as their base, on the off chance that they wish to, there is a peak around 17000 ft. and simple to climb.